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Parvati created a statue
After a while Shiva arrived. Nandi told, him that Parvati was bathing. Shiva turned a deaf ear to him and entered. Parvati was displeased at the sudden entry of her husband. She said to Shiva, "Nandi has disobeyed me. You may be my husband but he had no right to let you enter." Shiva was merely amused and this annoyed Parvati further. She thought that since most of the ganas as well as Nandi were Shiva's ganas (attendant), she felt that she had no one to call her own.

Parvati spoke to her friends about it. They replied, "You are right. None of the ganas can really be called your own." One of them had an idea, "Why don't you create a gana who will owe first allegiance to you?" Parvati found this suggestion to be great. She gathered the saffron paste from her own body and created a boy. When she finished, she gazed in admiration at her own creation. She then gave him life and lovingly hugged him. She decked him with ornaments and blessed him.

Parvati staying guard
The boy was very handsome. He was equally strong and was more radiant than the sun and the moon. Parvati was overjoyed at the sight of the lad. She embraced him, caressed his head tenderly and kissed him with affection and said, "you are my son, my very own; I have none else to call my own." He bowed to his mother in reverence and devotion and said, "Mother, what shall I do?" Parvati gave him a thick staff and said, "Take this staff and follow me." She led him to the door and said, "Look, my child, I am now going for a bath. Don't allow anybody inside without my permission."

Boy and shiva
A little later Shiva happened to come there. The boy stopped him at the door. Shiva became angry moreover, Shiva had never seen the boy. Glaring at him, he shouted, "You little brat, who are you? Don't you know that I am the master of Kailasa and that Parvati is my wife? You are trying to stop me! How dare you?"

The boy did not flinch, he replied, "Whoever you may be, I am not afraid of you. Now mother is having a bath. Without her permission I cannot allow anybody inside. So now, go away!"

Shiva's anger knew no limits when he heard the boy's words. He decided to ignore the tiny brat and, trying to brush him aside took a step. The angry boy pushed him aside and hit him with his staff. This was an insult to Shiva. But soon he checked his anger. He tried to pacify the boy and said, "I am Shiva, Parvati's. How dare you forbid me to enter my own home?" But the youth only raised his staff and hit Shiva once again.

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