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kalahapriya - lover of quarrels
The great sage Vyasa was not satisfied even with such wonderful writings meant for the good of humanity. He was somehow convinced that there was yet one more work to be carried out by him for the benefit of humanity. A worried Vedavyasa was once sitting on the banks of the river Saraswati. Narada came there.

Narada knew what was worrying the sage Vyasa.
He said: "Great sage, you have done so much for the welfare of humanity. And yet you are not satisfied. It is because none of your writings thoroughly describes the glory of Lord Narayana. You have not adequately brought out the greatness of devotion. In the coming Kaliyuga people will not live for as long a period as in the present era. For them it will be a tough task to acquire spiritual knowledge. The best way for them will be the Path of Bhakti or Devotion. You must write a book, which will describe the glory of the Lord and the greatness of Bhakti. Only then will you find peace."

"The company of good men generates Bhakti. O sage Vyasa, words fail to describe the all-pervasive influence of good men and their devotion towards God. I was once a very ordinary man. But today I am revered as Saint Narada. I owe this entirely to the company of great men; to the devotion I have towards God."

Sage Vyasa was dumb-founded. Is it ever possible that this universally respected 'Devarshi' was once upon a time an ordinary man? A baffled Vyasa stared at Narada in wonder. Narada could read his mind. So he explained: "O Vyasa, I was once an GANDHARVA (angel). I was called UPABARHANA. I was an expert in music and I was handsome to look at, too. Once Dakshabrahma decided to perform a sacrifice. He arranged a big function. I sang devotional songs on that occasion. But I was not concentrating; my attention was diverted towards the apsaras (heavenly damsels). Dakshabrahma was upset by my behavior. He turned towards me and cursed me, 'you lecherous gandharva! Let the devil take away your entire Knowledge and spiritual splendor. You don't deserve to live in Heaven. May you be born as a little, despicable human being on earth!'

"I came to my senses only after I had heard the dreadful curse. I begged for his forgiveness. Daksha then said: 'do not lament, O Upabarhana. You will be blessed by the company of good men.' O Vyasa, it was owing to that curse that I was born to a slave woman.

Later, my mother started working as a maid in an ashram. I was a little boy then. The rainy season came. Some sanyasins (sages) came to the ashram and stayed there. They were learned men and great devotees of God. Every day they conducted prayer meetings in which they sang the glory of Lord Narayana. Their preaching changed my very behavior. I became increasingly attracted to their preaching as days passed. Gradually I became more and more devoted to God. The sages began to like me. They would offer me fruit and speak to me with much warmth. I carried out devotedly whatever work they assigned to me."

"The rainy season came to an end. The sages prepared to leave for another place. I felt very sad. The kind sages understood my feelings and consoled me. 'Do not worry. Have trust in God and be always eager to realize Him. Do not while away your time on earth. This world is a creation of God and it finds its ultimate fulfillment in Him. Not a straw moves without the will of God. Keep repeating with whole-hearted devotion the mantra 'OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA' and you will be blessed.' Having uttered this benediction, the sages went away. The departure of the sages made me sad beyond words. I spent all my time thinking about God. Days passed. One day my mother died bitten by a snake. I placed all my trust in God and headed northwards. I had no particular destination. After a great deal of wandering, I came to a beautiful uninhabited place. I took my bath and drank the water from a nearby pond. I felt comforted. Body and mind became light. I remembered the good words the holy men had preached in the ashram. I sat under a people tree contemplating on God. Many years passed by. I lived on the fruits and leaves of the forest. My mind was immersed in contemplation. As time passed, I realized that God is present everywhere and in all objects."
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