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Yama - the god of death
YAMA is the god of death and is the lord of the infernal regions visited by man after cessation of life. He is the embodiment of the rule of law and imparts justice according to deeds. The word ' Yama' means the restrainer, it is he who keeps the mankind in check. Yama's mount is a fierce-looking black buffalo, a form, which he also adopts for himself on occasions. He has got a rope noose in one hand, by which he is supposed to catch hold of his victims and a mace in the other, which represents the weapon of punishment.

He decides what are the actions of the living beings that bear or do not bear fruits, when his messengers drag the dead before his throne. In Vedas, Yama is the First Ancestor and has the full distinction of a god. He is shown as having a fearful and grim appearance and he wears a glittering crown upon his head.

Yama is the son of VIVASAT, the embodiment of social morality, while his mother is SARANYU (clouds), who is the daughter of VISHWAKARMA, the cosmic architect. Yama' s twin sister is YAMI, who has the greatest affection for her brother. Yami later appeared on this earth as the river YAMUNA.

As being the judge of the dead, he is said to hold a court, in which he is the presiding officer. He has another small god to assist him, who is called CHITRAGUPTA. Chitragupta is supposed to keep an account of the actions of men. If the actions of the deceased in his lifetime have been wicked, he is sent to suffer in a particular part of hell, while a man with noble deeds is sent to a part of heaven.

Yama - dakshinasapati - the regent of the south quarter
Yama is regent of the south quarter and as such is called DAKSHINASAPATI. His abode is named as YAMALYA on the south side of the earth and has an interesting legend around it. This account is taken from the Mahabharata. The narration is that after Brahma had created the three worlds, viz. EARTH, HEAVEN and PATAL (i.e., subterranean region), he recollected that a place for judgment and punishment of the wicked was wanting. He therefore asked the architect Vishwakarma to prepare a suitable place for this purpose. Vishwakarma prepared a magnificent palace and opposite its south door he created four pits to punish the wicked. Three other doors were reserved for the entrance of the good so that they might not see the place of punishment when they went to be judged. Brahma named this palace SANJEEVANI. Brahma ordered the architect to form a vast trench around and fill it with water, which came to be called VAITAMEE. Brahma next ordered Agni (the fire god) to enter this river so that the water might boil. After the death each person is obliged to swim across this Vaitamee river, which gives harmless passage to good souls but the evil ones have to suffer torments and pangs while crossing this river's boiling water.

This legendary place of heaven created for Yama by Vishwakarma is 800 miles in circumference. At this place there is no fear of enemies and sorrow of mind and body is non-existent. The climate is mild and salubrious and each one is rewarded in kind according to his deeds. He who has given much in charity receives very many comforts of all kinds.

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