Meet our core team… the founders, Suma and Lathesh, two techie buffs who cannot survive without high speed internet and ‘Google’.

Both love design, code, WordPress and the web.

Creatively inclined both enjoy creativity in all shapes and forms be it music, photography, cinematography, websites, GFX, typography, motion graphics, 3D animation, mobile apps, technology, ideas, advertising, or abstract concepts.

The finer nuance of combining creativity with technology was the very reason for pursuing and receiving their Masters in Interactive Multimedia from University of Technology, Sydney.

Suma Srinivas
Director: Operations
After completing her Bachelor’s in Business Management in 1994 from SDM College of Business Management, Mangalore (India), Suma completed two year Higher Diploma in Software Engineering in 1996. She received her Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia in 2004.

It was during her time as a Freelance Web Consultant and Web Designer she met Lathesh in the April 2000. Over the period of next two months exchanging opinions they decided to work as a team combining their efforts and creative ideas. They signed their first client as a team on June 3, 2000.

Lathesh Suryakantha
Director: Technology
Lathesh is a graduate from the NITTE University, Mangalore, India with a degree in Engineering (Computer Science) completed in the year 1999. In 2004 he earned his Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

It was during his job as a Web Designer he got the opportunity to work along with Suma Srinivas. Similar views, ideology, and inspiration led to them to team up to offer solutions for the Web.

Beyond the creative minds…

The word ‘WEBONAUTICS’ was created on one rainy afternoon in 2000. It was derived from the word AERONAUTICS (space engineering). Webonautics translates to Web Engineering, the key word being ‘WEB’.

Working under the guidance of the Webonautics core team is an efficient, motivated and dedicated team of experts with high level of experienced and excellence within their field. The combined team effort and skills plays an integral part in the success of Webonautics.