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The Exotic

Author: Suma Srinivas
| Section: Bits - Photography

The brightest and most colorful moments of life are trapped in flowers. They bloom to share a smile and spread the joy of life.

“Earth laughs in flowers”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The exotic or the simple, flowers have a way of making one feel better and happier. It is one of nature’s most valuable and precious gifts. Blooming in a burst of colors they proudly announce their presence in million bewitching shades and graceful forms. Through flowers nature gives us millions of reason to laugh and smile every single day.

Unfortunately we take for granted this gift of nature and seek laughter in material things leading to discontentment. We keep seeking and try hard to find the elusive reason to smile or share a smile.

Are you looking for a reason to smile today? Join us at Webonautics.Photography.

At Webonautics.Photography we capture nature’s laughter through flowers giving you a reason to share a smile, brighten up your mood and add some color to your life. Be a part of discovering the varied colors of life thru lens.

The Exotic

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