HTML5 and CSS3 makeover

Webonautics website now has a HTML5 and CSS3 makeover!

We are pleased to announce the new look for the Webonautics website. The process of update is still in progress and will be officially online in the next few days.

As a part of the makeover we present the information in two ways:
1) At a glance: presents a quick overview and vital details of Webonautics like – Who are we, What we offer, Who are our clients and Where are we located.
2) Full site: provides comprehensive details of Webonautics


Update: November 21, 2012

Today we officially announce the launch of HTML 5 version of the Webonautics website. The Webonautics blog section has also had a makeover and is available in it new avatar as Bits n Bytes.

Bits n Bytes is an expression of creativity and technology in all shapes and forms. It is a weblog which explores and exhibits the convergence of creativity and technology. In addition it provides an insight into the creative minds within and beyond Webonautics.