I AM the films

It is a rainy week in Mumbai, the one that inspires creative work, with the right kind of music playing in the background. The rain has turned the few green trees still around greener, but has turned the roads into temporary rivers. Oh! Well it is monsoons and no this is not grumbling with irritation, but thanking that the heavens are final opening and it is pouring.

Finally, Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen in showing in cinemas in Mumbai from tomorrow.

Webonautics is now a part of the ‘I AM’ the films. It is first of its kind in Indian Cinema (Bollywood) where the filmmaker, Onir has extended a chance for audiences to be shareholders for his ‘five-short-stories-in-one-movie’ that he is beginning to shoot soon. Webonautics offers its contribution by volunteering to design and operate the official website for ‘I AM’ the films – Five stories, one film… “I AM” – Abhimanyu, Omar, Afia, Rudra, and Megha.

We had a meeting with Onir and Sanjay Suri in the third week of June to discuss this offer. It was great meeting Onir, the well-known and internationally acclaimed filmmaker, popular in the film festival circuits for his award winning movie ‘My Brother Nikhil’. It was also great catching up with Sanjay Suri.

We are currently working on the initial layout and design for the website.