In the month of August, September and October …

August has been a marathon of meeting deadlines, finishing projects and launching websites. Each week flew by with work progressing at a feverish pace, with the last week taking the lion’s share of them all. September and October have been equally busy with the Diwali Holidays adding in some excitement of celebration and festivities.

A couple of WordPress installations including custom themes for both and PHPBB integration with the single-point login for a membership site were among the projects completed.

Projects Completed –
Client: National Aviators Guild
NAG Online
Customised Content Management System for News & Events, Member Management
Access to members only

Client: Jet Airways
Flight Operations, Jet Airways
Enhancements to the Document Management System

Client: Anticlock Films (Onir Anirbhan and Sanjay Suri)
I AM Films

Client: Mercury Rising
Central Coast Montessori School
Dutch Food Catering
Tarot 4 U
Ingrid Morley Sculpture
Banners for Humane Society
My Birth (Nearing completion)

Phew… the three months have been hectic but fun. Now it is time to wrap up the in-house projects that have been lined-up to go online by the end of this year.