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Indian Divinity website provides information on Hindu Mythology. Perhaps, it is not right to use the word ‘Mythology’ when one speaks or writes on the subject of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. To the vast population of Indians it is ‘the way of life’ on which their belief system, values and sentiments is based.

A more detailed discussion on this topic will be a part of the updates we plan for the website.

As mentioned in the Infotainment section we are in the process of re-designing, reorganizing and structuring most of our Infotainment channels. Since, Indian Divinity was the first website to be published online as a part of our Infotainment division it takes the first leap in this direction.

Loads of new features, sections and more information will be made available in the site. The feedback we have received will be taken into consideration during the entire process along with the opportunity to discuss on the topics.

Starting with the updates to the Wallpaper section in the existing site, the changes and updates will evolve in phases. In the next three to four months we aim to achieve a definitive direction for site which will work towards fulfilling the objective of the site – providing information with the aim to Learn… Explore… and Re-discover.