It’s that time of the year

November and now December passed by as Team Webonautics enjoyed work as usual with the spirits intact. Before anyone realized the year is almost coming to an end. Now, it’s time for Webonautics Team  to close down for the holiday season. Ofcourse we are never really going away, the urgent emails will always be attended to. Officially we are on holidays from December 24 to January 03, 2010.

It has been a fantastic year, with plans that were made falling into place slowly but beautifully, hmmm… if can one really say ‘plans fell into place beautifully’ that is. All said and done it was one those year’s were things progressed seamlessly (slowly though) and took shape like it was intended.

We were happy to be a part of and launch some great projects like –
NAG Online for National Aviators Guild
Flight Operations, Jet Airways (Enhancements to the Document Management System)
My Birth Australia for Mercury Rising Media
I AM Films for Sanjay Suri and Onir (Anticlock Films)

– in addition of whole bunch of other projects. A couple of exciting ones are all set to launch in the beginning of next year.

The in-house projects too worked its way up and was re-launched with some excellent feedback and reviews. The most important being ‘Project Webonautics’ :). The infotainment network ‘Mayukhi – Yours India’ got its share of face-lift and re-structuring. Now, its time for Indian Divinity to go online.

Well! right now it’s that time of the year when it is almost time to say ‘Good Bye 2009’ and ‘Welcome 2010’.