Reviving Indian Divinity website

This year will see most of our existing Infotainment Channels going through re-designing, reorganizing and structuring process. As a part of the process this week’s seen a step towards reviving the Indian Divinity website (, which is a part of our Infotainment division.

Along the lines, the first step was to update ‘Wallpapers’ – the popular section of the site with some new colorful downloads and inform the large number of subscribers with the great news.

Over the past few years we have been working towards collecting quality material to add to the information available in the website. Indian Mythology, the colorful beliefs, stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses is a subject which is vast and multi-dimensional along with a multitude of different understanding within its various branches. More than Mythology it is the ‘Indian a way of life’ and holds strong sentiments among the vast population of India. It has been a fascinating discovery, going through the materials and finding and learning at the same time.

Gradually in phases the site will soon get a much needed face-lift a.k.a new look, new features and more information sections.