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The buzz says…

Author: Suma Srinivas
| Section: Bytes - In-house Buzz

The first quarter in 2010 was a blur with a lot of travel, meetings, and hectic work days sometimes spilling on to the weekends too. February and March in Sydney was fantastic. the follow up in India after our trip back from Sydney has been great too. All the activity however has lead to the Webonautics Blog taking a step back with very few updates and posts. Ironically, we haven’t been practising our preachings 🙂 :).

Here are a couple of the links to some of the sites we have completed over the last quarter. Few others are in various stages of completion or are work-in-progress.

The Col. Shamsher singh Foundation / Gul 4 change: is an initiative to give back to the Community, take care of the Environment and to extend Help to the Needy. The Foundation with Gul 4 Change a.k.a G4C as its sub program focuses on four target areas:
Local Issues: Gender Equality and Addiction Awareness
Education and employment
Disaster management

Hospitality Coaching: Hospitality Consulting & Coaching (HCC) is a dedicated team of restaurant training specialists and skilled hospitality professionals offering Hospitality consultancy, Staff Training, Manuals and Systems Implementation, etc. The website required re-alignment of contents along with re-structuring of the navigation and a CMS to manage the contents using the existing site layout. Well… WordPress was the perfect solution for the CMS powered website which required an introduction of Blog section too. So, here one more WordPress powered website from Webonautics.

So, that’s the buzz for the day from Webonautics, more later.

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