The countdown begins…?

First day of the week started of with the live version of the Webonautics website, taking shape beautifully. If everything goes as smoothly as today, the beta version will have only a week’s more life online. Too bad, we were actually kind of getting used to it :).

Almost put up the screenshot for the sneek peak of the new layout, but decided against it. Just a few more days… and the real one is going to be online. It going to be worth the wait, so few more days will not really make a difference.

At the end of today the area that needs work in the next few days are-
– Blog Theme as per the new layout
– Graphics… images  to add some color to the text
– Background for Twitter
– And something for the ‘In Spotlight’ section

More to come the week after
Blog Posts – the blog went live, but the posts have been a bit, make that a lot slow
The promised updates in the various Infotainment networks