This week… and Transformers

This week is off to a slow start. A lull before the hectic few weeks that going to start coming next Monday. However, that being said this week is going to pick its pace starting tomorrow.

There are few in-house projects that require total attention this week. All the information about them will be online as and when it happens.

On another note, the favorite in-house song of the week that’s being played often is ‘New Divide’ by Linkin Park one of the soundtrack from the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Fantastic track… fantastic lyrics…

Speaking of the movie Transformers, it is suppose to release in India on June 24, 2009, but haven’t seen any posters or announcements in any of the cinemas in Mumbai :-(.  Been waiting to watch it for months now, that is every since I watched the release of its first trailer. Now, if I was in Sydney, would have definitely managed to watch it in George St. cinemas or better yet at IMAX latest by Saturday.