Webonautics Beta Version

January 05, 2009 – Why a beta version?
We had a couple of things lined up and was waiting for it fall in place. While, our creative heads were working on the design ( that is going to be smashing hopefully 🙂 … ) in tune with the changes we wanted something temporary to fill the gap.

When the beta version went online, we wanted it be a little more informative than the ‘Under Construction – we are coming back with a new look’ site or page since we did not set a definite time for the launch of the ‘new look’ site.

Instead of having the old site online we chose to replace it with an abridged version (beta version of sorts). In the last week of December 2008 this version of the site went online.

January 05, 2009 – Hmmm… beta version… so is the final website going to be a re-work on the same line?
No, not really. It is not fair to label the current site as a ‘beta version’ really. It is an upscale version of a coming soon/under construction page one usually displays, more like an abridged version of the web site.

April 20, 2009 – From beta version to…
The final layout and design for Webonautics is ready and waiting to get into production stage for quite some time now. Looking to launch in May or early June.