Webonautics website launch

And we are on….

We are proud to announce officially, the launch of our new site. The web site went online yesterday at 11:30pm IST.

Its been online now for almost 15:00 hours now. The official announcement was waiting for the introduction of the new wallpaper section to the site. You can now download some cool wallpapers to grace your desktop. The first one in collection can be downloaded from here. The wallpaper is also featured in the ‘In Spotlight’ section available in the home page of the website.

The ‘In Spotlight’ section will feature articles on our projects, creative work from Webonauts, selected downloads from our Wallpaper sections and other information we want to highlight.

Shortly we will be updating the Twitter background in lines with the new design of the site.

Edited November 2019:
The Wallpaper section of Bits n Bytes is no longer available.