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lakshmi and vishnu
dhanvantari with ambrosia

The sages began reciting hymns in praise of Lakshmi. Gandharvas sang. Apsaras danced. The elephants on either side sprinkled sacred holy Ganga water on the goddess and bathed her. Because the elephants sprinkled holy water on her, she acquired the name of GAJALAKSHMI. Because she was born in the sea of milk, she was called SAMUDRATANAYA. The king of the sea appeared in his natural form and comforted Lakshmi as a daughter. He presented her with attractive clothes and jewels. He handed to her a garland of lotus flowers. While everybody was looking in surprise, Lakshmi put the garland around the neck of Vishnu and occupied his chest. When she looked at Indra kindly, he acquired an extraordinary radiance.

Mohini - the enchantress
Mohini serving nectar
The Devas and the Asuras continued the churning and finally Dhanvantari emerged from the sea. Dhanvantrai is the doctor of gods. He had a sacred pot in his hand. The pot contained the celestial nectar, which when consumed would result immortality.When it became known the demons ran forward and snatched the pot. Suddenly the Asuras, forgetting their agreement, took possession of the jar all for themselves. Then there was fighting between the gods and the demons. Again it was Vishnu who came to the rescue. Vishnu appeared disguised as Mohini. Mohini arose from the ocean with all charm and grace.

As she was handsome, the demons looked at her in surprise. Mohini came near them and said, "May I know the reason for the quarrel." The Asuras immediately replied that the fight was for the nectar of immortality. Smilingly Mohini said, "Do not quarrel for ambrosia. If you agree, I will myself serve ambrosia. You sit in two rows."

The Asuras thought that a lady with such beguiling beauty and charm would not cheat and since she was a female there was no harm in handing her the pot. So it was agreed that Mohini would serve the nectar. The demons sat in one row and the gods in another. By sleight-of-hand Mohini served intoxicating drinks to the demons and ambrosia to the gods. The demons were enamored of her charm did not notice the trick played on them. The gods drank ambrosia and became immortal. They became free from fear of death. The demons came to know afterwards that they had been deceived. They started a war. The gods who had gained strength by consuming ambrosia defeated the demons and drove them away.

In his second incarnation Vishnu as Kurma saved the Devas from mortality and loosing their authority to the wicked Asuras, thus saving the mankind.
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