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Brahma granting boon to the asura
Brahma sprinkled holy water over the body of the king. At once it shone like gold. Tears of gratitude filled with his eyes. He was so full of joy that at first he could not speak. Then he spoke with much effort, 'Lord, you bestow light on the dark world; you are the creator of all, the protector of all, and, finally, you are the destroyer of all. You are all powerful; you know everything. You are free from defects. No god is easily moved like you to take pity on his devotees and to grant them boons. I bow to you humbly.' Brahma was pleased with his devotion. He said 'Why have you undertaken such a severe Tapas'.

Hiranyakashipu replied, "Great Lord, if you will grant my prayer, this is what I seek: Let not death come to me from any creature created by you; let me not meet with death either in the house or outside it; let not my death occur either during the day or at night; no weapon should cause my death; I should not die either on land or in the sky."

After this blessing the demon crossed all bounds in oppression and dethroned Indra, the king of heavens. Indra in the company of all the gods appeared before Brahma and prayed for deliverance. Brahma was very much worried and replied that the demon had become powerful due to the blessings bestowed by him and he could not destroy him. He also advised Indra to go to Vishnu, which they did. The gods went to Vishnu and retold their story of sufferings and said that due to boons given by Brahma the demon had been indulging in all sorts of oppression. Vishnu promised to destroy him in due course of time.

Prahalad - the son
Hiranyakashipu yelling at his son
Hiranyakashipu had a son named Prahalad. This boy right from his very childhood was attracted towards Vishnu and other gods. Prahalad had not obeyed the orders of his father not to worship Vishnu.
Prahalad being burnt

His father tried to destroy his son in fits of anger; tying a stone to Prahalad's body he was thrown in the river but Vishnu himself came and stopped him from drowning and dying. Hiranyakashipu later tried to get Prahalad trampled under the feet of an elephant but the elephant lifted Prahalad lovingly by the help of his trunk and put him on its back. He then built a house and putting Prahalad into it set the same to fire; even this could not harm Prahalad. The father even tried to poison the son but to no avail.

At last the king thundered at the boy, "You curse of the family! Have you not yet given up your evil thoughts? The three worlds tremble at my glance. But you, my son, how did you dare to disobey me? You are very young; some one must have misled you and encouraged you. Otherwise you would not have had such evil ideas and such courage. Speak the true who has shown you such an evil path."

The earth shook as the king roared at the boy. But Prahalada calmly replied, "Dear father, it was Hari who gave me this courage. He is stronger than any one else. You and I, the universe, even Brahma is as nothing before his strength. He is the real Lord of the Universe."

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