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Sons of kartyaveerarjuna attcking the hermitage
Jamadagni being killed by the sons of kartyaveerarjuna
Parashurama did not hesitate even for a moment. Readily he raised his axe, chopped off his mother's head and later killed his brothers. As he bowed before his father in reverence, the latter's anger subsided. However, five persons had been killed. Jamadagni said: "My son, your devotion to your father has pleased me. Tell me what is your desire and I shall fulfill it.'"

Parashurama replied, "O father, nothing satisfies me more than fulfilling your desire. If you want to grant me boons, please forgive my mother and brothers for their disobedience and kindly bring them back to life." "As you wish," said Jamadagni. The dead rose to life and prostrated before the sage. The ashram's rituals were resumed unhindered. Thus Parashurama saved his mother and brothers.

At the same time, the sons of Kartaveeryarjuna at Mahishmati were pining for vengeance. Having once faced the wrath of the axe-wielding Parashurama, they were afraid of confronting him again and hence conceived a secret plan.

Parashurama, accompanied by his brothers, had gone out on an errand. Hearing of this from the spies, the sons of Kartaveeryarjuna laid siege to the hermitage of Jamadagni. They vowed to seek their revenge by killing the sage. The sage was sitting in meditation. Kartaveeryarjuna's sons stormed the place. Renuka, realizing the danger confronting them, entreated the invaders to spare the life of her husband. But her plea went unheeded. Jamadagni, in penance, was beheaded and his skull was taken away to Mahishmati and the ashram was destroyed.

Parashurama stalking to the palace
Renuka shouted 'O Rama! O Rama! O Rama!' Parashurama and his brothers who were approaching the ashram heard their mother's cry and rushed to the place. They were shocked to see the body of their father lying in a pool of blood his head missing. Their mother had lost consciousness and collapsed. The children helped her to regain consciousness. She wept and narrated the happenings. Renuka and the boys surrounded the headless body of Jamadagni and wailed and wailed. But Parashurama did not sit quietly and cry. He learnt from the inmates of the ashram the details of the incidents. Reddened with anger, Parashurama picked up his axe and hurried towards Mahishmati.
Parashuram killing the princes

On reaching the city, he first butchered the guards at the main entrance. Breaking down the heavy gate, with his eyes like a couple of fireballs, he stalked to the palace like an enraged lion. There he destroyed the whole army, which came to attack him. He killed all the princes, picked up his father's head and returned to the ashram. There the children performed all the obsequies in honor of the departed soul.

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