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Hermitage of aditi and kashyapa
Dispossessed of his heavenly kingdom, Indra came to the hermitage of Aditi Devi situated at the bottom of the Meru Mountain. Aditi was the mother of Indra. Aditi took pity on her children. Kashyapa, the father of the Devas, was also moved by their condition. All of them together came to Brahma. Brahma said, "Devas, worship Vishnu. Let Kashyapa and Aditi also worship Vishnu and please Vishnu by their tapas and pray to Vishnu that he is born as their son. Only Vishnu can vanquish Bali and bless you."

Kashyapa and Aditi went to perform tapas to please Vishnu. Aditi's tapas were extraordinary. Lord Narayana appeared before her and said, "Mother of the Devas, I shall grant your request. Ask what you want."

Aditi said, "O Lord of Gods, there is nothing that you do not know. The Danavas have occupied the kingdom of my son Indra with the help of Bali. They have taken away all the powers from my children. You gave my son Indra his position as the Lord of the Devas. I grieve that my children have lost their kingdom and power. But I grieve more because the Danavas have transgressed your law and have been behaving with pride and insolence. It pains me to see that you too are doing nothing to set matters right. You should be born as my son and defeat Bali. Go to the assistance of the defeated Devas and help restore the heavenly kingdom to the Devas."

Vishnu and aditi
Vishnu said, "What you ask is right and proper. But Bali is righteous and truthful. We fought against his wicked predecessors in war and used force to defeat them. It is not possible to do so with Bali. Therefore we have to use some indirect method. I shall take my birth as Vamana and your son." This comforted Aditi. The Devas were satisfied now and bided time engaged in tapas.

Years had rolled after Bali started performing the 'Ashwamedha' horse sacrifices. Ninety-nine sacrifices had been successfully completed one after another. They were preparing for the hundredth sacrifice, which they had planned on a grand scale. On completion of this sacrifice Bali would earn the merit to be permanently installed as Indra. The Danavas who were righteous in the beginning had become vain and insolent. They threatened people who were still worshipping Devas, saying, "Our king Bali is now Indra. We Danavas are the rulers and lords over the three worlds. None need worship Devas now."

There were unexpected calamities on the earth now.
There were earthquakes at some places. At some other places rivers overflowed and swept away villages. At yet other places fires broke out and caused great damage. Unable to understand why such things took place, Bali came to Prahlada and asked, "What is the cause for these eruptions and calamities? Are they caused by the magical powers of the Devas ?".

Prahlada who was a devotee of Vishnu was capable of seeing into the past and future with his divine wisdom. He entered into a deep trance and understood the cause of it all. He said, "Vishnu has taken birth in the world in order to defeat and humble the insolent Danavas who are drunk with power. These calamities betoken greater calamities awaiting the Danavas." Hearing these words, Bali became angry. With blood-shot eyes he turned to Prahlada and said, "Are we to be afraid of the Devas? Each warrior among us is capable of carrying the whole earth on his shoulders. When that is our strength, what can one Vishnu do to us?".

Prahlada also became angry and chastised Bali thus, "You fool, you are too bold to speak ill of Sri Hari, the eternal lawgiver and protector. You have spoken thus knowing well that I am a devotee of Sri Hari. Very soon you will lose your kingdom and will be banished from earth."

King Bali realized his error. in fact Bali was not an enemy of Sri Hari. He had lost control over his tongue on account of his pride of valor. Regretting his conduct, he became humble. Tears of sorrow appeared in his eyes and he was unable to speak. He fell at the feet of Prahlada and begging forgiveness he said, "Be kind and merciful. You have rightly cursed me for my insolent words. I do not feel sorry if I lose my kingdom. I may get it back some how. But where can I get a guru like you? I am more in sorrow because my speech has hurt your feelings."

Prahlada was moved to pity. He lifted his grandson and said, "Child, I spoke in anger and cursed you. Who can avoid Fate? Do not regret. Place full faith in SriHari and complete the Ashwamedha sacrifice. Let your fame be eternal."

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