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Narada quenching his thirst
Narada with his family
Narada trying to rescue his family
Narada thanking krishna
After his thirst was quenched taken by her beauty Narada followed the damsel to her house. On reaching the house he met the master of the house and enquired about the beautiful he had followed. On knowing he was talking to the girl's father, who was the village chieftain Narada asked the hand of the damsel. The father agreed to give his daughter on the condition that Narada stay in the village and in the house with him. Narada readily agreed for the condition.

The marriage soon took place. Soon after the marriage, the old village chieftain died, Narada had to assume his title and responsibilities.

Life went on and Narada was blessed with four children. When Narada was at the peak of his success, disaster came in the form of a cyclonic winds, rain and floods. Narada put his family into a boat and tried to keep afloat, on the swirling waters. But the boat capsized. Narada tired in vain to save his wife and children. A huge wave threw Narada on the shore. Distressed and grief stricken Narada moaned at the loss of his wife and children. Utterly disillusioned he lost interest in life and cried out, "My wife gone! My children drowned! How can I live without them?"

Suddenly, he heard a voice, "Narada I am thirsty. Where is the water?" Narada turned around and seeing Krishna in front of him lamented, "Krishna! My wife, my children, bring them back to me." Laughingly Krishna said, "Come to your senses Narad. There never was any wife or children. It was all an illusion." Immediately realizing the truth Narada said, "I am grateful to you for enlightening me, Krishna. Life itself is an illusion from which it is difficult to escape. Only with your grace can this illusion be conquered."

Narada and Dhruva:
King Uttanapada had two wives. Dhruva was the son of Suniti; the elder of the two wives and Uttama was the son of Suruchi the younger wife. Once Suruchi chided Dhruva and taunted him that he was not eligible for the throne. Dhruva felt humiliated by her remarks. He took an oath that he would become the king by propitiating Lord Vishnu by penance.

But Dhruva was hardly five years of age. How could a five year old boy know anything about the observance of penance? Narada came to know of it and appeared before Dhruva. He taught Dhruva various aspects of worshipping and penance. He taught Dhruva the mantra 'Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.' In accordance with Narada's instructions, Dhruva observed penance and earned the blessings of Lord Narayana. He achieved this feat, which had eluded even mighty yogis.

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