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Vishnu and Sheshnag
The third incarnation is that of VARAHA (boar). In periodical destructions of the world, once the earth sunk into the deep waters, Vishnu, the great preserver, taking the form of a boar descended into the waters and drew up the earth with the help of his tusks.

narasimhaThe fourth incarnation is that of NARASIMHA (half-lion half-man combine). This special form was adopted by Vishnu to kill a demoniac ruler, named Hiranyakashipu, who had pleased the god Brahma by his religious sacrifices. Lord Brahma had given him the blessings that no known man or animal born in the natural process could kill him, that he could not die either in the day or in the night, on the earth or in heavens, either by fire, by water or by any weapon. It was to kill such a tyrant and to remove him from the earth that Vishnu assumed the form of Narasimha, which was neither man nor animal: came out of a broken pillar, laid hold of the demon-king by its teeth, put him up on his thighs and tore him up in the middle by his claws. It was evening time - neither day nor night.

vamanaThe fifth incarnation is that of VAMANA (the dwarf). The fourth lineal descendant of Hiranyakashipu, named Bali, through his devotion and penances defeated Indra, the god of the firmament, humbled other gods and extended his authority over the three worlds. All the gods appealed to Vishnu for protection and he became manifest in his Dwarf Avatar of Vamana for the purpose of restraining Bali. Once when this King was making a great religious sacrifice, Vishnu in the form of Vamana appeared before him for gifts in the company of other Brahmans. Bali was extremely pleased to see a holy man with so diminutive form and promised to give him whatever he should ask. Vishnu asked only for as much land as he could measure by three steps. Bali laughingly agreed to grant the boon of three steps. Vishnu as dwarf stepped over heaven in first stride and then on earth in second stride. Then out of respect to Bali's kindness and his grandfather Prahalad's great virtues, Vishnu stopped short and left to him Patal, the subterranean region.

parashuramaThe sixth incarnation is that of PARASHURAMA. Parsu is the name of an axe-like weapon adopted by this incarnation. This incarnation was as a Brahman, who manifested himself at the close of the satyayuga (the first great millennium of Hindu mythological time calculus). This appearance was for the purpose of representing the tyranny of the power-drunk Kshatriya-caste. This sixth Avatar of Vishnu appeared in the world before Rama, the seventh Avatar, but they are both represented to be living at the same time. When the Kshatriya Kings of the earth and their ministers became very corrupt and committed all sorts of sins, the goddess Prithvi (Mother-Earth) went to Vishnu and prayed for relief. Her petition was accepted and Vishnu appeared on the earth as a descendant of great sage Bhrigoo. To avenge the gruesome murder of his father Jamadagni by a Kshatriya King and the great oppression perpetrated by rulers he is said to have cleared the earth of the Kshatriyas twenty one times and filled with their blood five large lakes. He is said to be instrumental in colonizing much of Southern India, where so many shrines are dedicated to him.
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