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At Webocolors we build websites that explores the varied slice of life, creates awareness, encourages participation and makes a difference.

‘Coloring the web experience’ with various shades and hues from life we aspire to celebrate the diverse and colorful spectrum of life through the web.

WEBOCOLORS is the in-house unit of Webonautics dedicated to building, publishing and managing websites that represents, supports, or relates to different facets of life. Each Webocolors website focuses on specific or inter-linked topics and serves as information, resources and/or experiences space that is educational, engaging and inspiring.

The rationale of the Webocolors unit is to utilize the potential of the web to Inform, Involve and Enrich.

webocolorsThe Conception…
The web provides a global platform that is the window to information. It enables to share and explore information on the diversities in culture, heritage, traditions and nature. It presents an immersive and interactive environment that can be used to support and spread awareness of nature and culture.

Aspiring to utilize the web to promote nature, culture and heritage inspired Webonautics into taking a role of more than a provider of solutions for the web. The vision of Webonautics included building websites with the purpose of serving as a means of information. Information that is both educational and engaging, a means to ‘Learn… Explore… and Re-discover…’ the varied dimensions of life like tradition, heritage, travel, lifestyle, nature and culture.

The initial steps…
Since its inception in 2000 Webonautics has dedicated time and effort to achieve ‘Learn… Explore… and Re-discover…’ ideology. Setting up the ‘Infotainment’ division in August 2000 it took its initial step in this direction. In its first year, the division launched few information based websites.

Noteworthy moments…
On December 15, 2001 two of the inter-linked websites Ethnic India (now www.mayuki.com) and Indian Mythology (now Indian Divinity – www.indiandivinity.com) were featured in South Asian entertainment program called ISHTYLE TV in the “Websites of the Week” segment. ISHTYLE TV series was aired on CFMT-TV in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

A pause of sorts…
Although the Infotainment division continued to maintain its status quo by maintaining the websites, there was a slack in the pace it progressed. Although new features were introduced to the existing websites the full potential of the division was not realized. The growing opportunity to work with well-known brands, celebrities and organizations shifted the focus on primary activity of Webonautics (i.e.) offering solutions for the Web via boutique-approach based on individual requirements.

Webocolors – The new genesis…
The WEB today is more about interaction and experience. Along with the growing means of new technology it offers plenty of opportunities to transform, evolve, and revitalize. Building upon the momentum of the web Webonautics introduced a fresh approach in August 2013.

Webocolors focuses on relevance for today and building it towards tomorrow. Adding colors to information by enhancing the experience, the new fundamental value ‘Coloring the web experience’ seizes the prospect to bridge the connection between information and experience. Not simply ‘information that is educational and engaging’ but ‘information as an experience that encourages participation and makes a difference’ is the aim of Webocolors.

Webocolors, taking a step forward from the initial concept extends the underlying principle to create spaces online that serve as a means to Inform, Involve, and Enrich the varied spectrum of life like tradition, heritage, travel, lifestyle, interests/trends, moments, creativity, nature, and culture.

Towards a better today and tomorrow by educating whilst entertaining, organizing at the same time as sharing, growing as well as inspiring is the ideology behind the endeavor.


Learn, Explore, and Re-discover

Webocolors aims to INFORM and create awareness by providing information that enables to
Learn: by making available information and resources that helps to gain knowledge
Explore: by enabling to seek and find information in an organized environment
Re-discover: by re-kindling the interest and appreciation through exchange of information

Interact, Organize and Connect

Webocolors seeks to provide an opportunity to INVOLVE and encourage participation by engaging the interest through networks that allows to
Interact: by facilitating collaboration in an user-oriented and interactive environment
Organize: by offering tools to collect, sort, group and classify the information and resources
Connect: by empowering to share, associate, relate emotionally and enjoy the experience

Inspire, Promote and Help Grow

Webocolors endeavors to Enrich and make a difference by adding value via delivering an experience with the aspiration to
Inspire: by creating memorable experiences that influences and nurtures participation
Promote: by fostering an environment that engages, assists to take action and enhance progress
Help Grow: by contributing towards development and progress in a mutually beneficial environment that sustains growth

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