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Vedavati was later born as a daughter of king Janaka. King Janaka named her Sita. At that time Dasharatha was ruling over Ayodhya. To his wife Kausalya, Vishnu was born and became famous as Sri Rama. He came with sage Vishwamitra to Janaka's capital and broke the bow given by Shiva. Then King Janaka, having admired Sri Rama's valor, gave Sita in marriage to Sri Rama. When sometime passed, Sri Rama, as desired by his father, had to go to Dandakaranya with Sita and Lakshmana. While living there, Ravana deceitfully took Sita to Lanka. Sri Rama went to Lanka with Sugreeva, Hanumanta and other monkey warriors and invaded Lanka. In the terrible war that followed, Sri Rama killed Ravana. Thereafter, Sita came to Ayodhya with Sri Rama and lived a happy life. This story is told in great detail in the Ramayana.

On the other side, Lakshmi was born to Dharmadhwaja's wife Madhavi. Her parents named her Tulasi. The child was very beautiful. She grew up to be virtuous. Later she married Vishnu. Vishnu told her: "You leave this body and stay with me. Let your body become a river by name Gandaki. I will became a Saligrama stone and will reside in Gandaki River. Let your hair grow into a plant, become famous as Tulasi and be worshipped by people. I love a garland of Tulasi petals."

Tulasi's body flowed after becoming river Gandaki. Narayana became a stone and was residing in it. Tulasi plant was born from the hair of Tulasi and became sacred.

There was a king by name Bhishmaka in the kingdom of Vidharbha. He had five sons by name Rukmi, Rukmaratha, Rukmabahu, Rukmakesha and Rukmamali. Sriman Narayana was born for killing Kansa and with a view to establishing righteousness. When he was thus born as Krishna, Lakshmi was born as Rukmini, daughter of Bhismaka. She was beautiful and virtuous. Father Bhishmaka was not only god-fearing but had also great respect for Sri Krishna. He thought of giving Rukmini in marriage to Sri Krishna.

But Bhishmaks's first son Rukmi did not agree to it. He had joined a gang of wicked men formed by Shishupala and others. He brought pressure on his father to give sister Rukmini in marriage to Shishupala. As Rukmi hated Sri Krishna he did not agree to have the relationship. Bhishmaka was not bold enough to ignore his advice.

Rukmini's marriage with Shishupala was fixed. But Rukmini, having heard of Sri Krishna's good character and greatness, had mentally accepted him as her husband. She sent a messenger to Dwaraka with the message that she would marry Krishna; and if not possible, she would give her life. Sri Krishna had already heard of Rukmini's character, virtue and beauty. He wished to marry her. Therefore, he immediately boarded a chariot and came to Bhishmaka's town. Balarama came to know that Sri Krishna went alone. Instantly he followed with a large army to help his brother.

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