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Srinivasa - one on whom sri resides
In the capital of Vidarbha all arrangements were being made for Rukmini's marriage. Shishupala had arrived with his friends Jarasandha, Salva, Paundraka and others. Balarama and Krishna also joined. Balarama had stationed his army far away outside the city.

After sometime the marriage rituals commenced. Rukmini went with her entourage to the temple to worship Gowri. She worshipped Gowri and prayed: "Let only Sri Krishna become my husband." She was not aware of Sri Krishna's having come to the town. She was worried about what would happen. Rukmini completed worship of Gowri and came out of the temple. Instantly Sri Krishna brought his chariot, made her mount it and drove away towards Dwaraka. Jarasandha and others, when they came to know of this incident became angry and went after Sri Krishna. A terrible war was fought. Krishna and Balarama defeated all and set out to Dwaraka.

Thereafter the marriage of Sri Krishna and Rukmini was celebrated grandly at Dwaraka. Rukmini was the senior queen. Pradyumna is Rukmini's son.

Once the great sage Bhrigu went to heaven. Vishnu was sleeping on Adisesha. The sage became angry and kicked at Vishnu's chest. Then Vishnu got up and said: "O sage, welcome to you. Excuse me. I am sure your foot must be hurting because it touched my hard chest." He massaged his leg and comforted him. Sage Bhrigu was pleased. Saying, "You have comforted me without losing your temper even when kicked. You possess good nature, you are the best," he left.

However, Narayana's wife Lakshmi was dissatisfied. "The sage kicked at the chest in which I reside. It means dishonoring me. Without punishing him my husband comforts him. I cannot reside in this chest any more," she decided, and in disgust went to Kolhapur and settled there. Even to this day the temple of Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur is famous.

As Lakshmi left, Vishnu became sad. He went from Vaikuntha to Tirupati and settled in Venkatadri under the name of Venkatesha.

Akasharaja, the king of Chola country, had no children. His teacher told him to perform a religious function to get children. The king agreed to it and he himself began ploughing the earth to level the ground to set up the ritual stage. When the plough split the ground, a lotus with many petals came into view. A female child was lying in it. A voice was heard from heaven saying, "O King, this girl is very fortunate. Bring her up considering her as your daughter." With pleasure the king gave the child to his queen Dharanidevi. The child was named 'Padmavati'. She was brought up with great affection. She grew up into a woman bright as the moon in the first phase of the month. One day when Padmavati was enjoying herself in the garden with her friends, sage Narada came there. Looking at Padmavati he said, "O Mother, I know who you are. You are truly Lakshmi. As you could not bear the separation from Vishnu, you have been born thus and come here. He, in the form of Venkatesha, is suffering due to the separation from you and living in Tirupati. Within a few days you two will be married," and went away. Venkatesha attracted Padmavati, one day when she was amusing herself in the garden Venkatesha came there and saw her. They became acquainted and love grew between them. When Akasharaja came to know of this, he gladly agreed to their marriage. As desired by Venkatesha, Brahma and other gods attended the wedding. The marriage was celebrated magnificently. Because 'Sri' (Lakshmi) permanently settled down in Tirupati on Venkatesha's chest, he got the name 'Srinivasa' (the one in whom sri resides).

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