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Parvati with her maid
Shiva thought that it was unbecoming of him as the Lord of the Universe to punish a little boy, with his own hands. It would be like breaking a butterfly on a wheel. So, he decided to send his servants to advise the boy and left the place. Lord Shiva's servants obeyed his command and came to the boy and gave him advice. They extolled the greatness and the power of Shiva. They advised the boy saying, "Beg Lord Shiva to pardon your misbehavior and seek his grace."

The youth stood still for a while he was puzzled, "Shiva is my mother's lord. What should I do? Should I fight them or shouldn't I?" Meanwhile, indoors Parvati had heard the commotion. She sent her friend out to check the reason for the noise. The friend soon returned and said, "They are threatening your son. Please don't allow them to lower your prestige."

Parvati hesitated for a moment she thought, "Shiva is after all my husband… but, why did he try to force his way in? Let what has to happen, happen." She sent the friend out once again and asked her to tell the boy not to allow anyone in. The friend came out and said, "gentle sir, your mother says that you should not let anyone enter." The boy was no longer in doubt. He turned to the ganas and said, "I am the son of Parvati. You are the ganas of Shiva. You must carry out his orders and I - hers. I repeat Shiva shall not enter without my mother's permission."

Shiva and the ganas
Now, the ganas were doubtful, "He is Parvati's son. What shall we do? Would Shiva still want us to throw him out?" They reported to Shiva. "Lord it is Parvati's son who refuses to let us in." Shiva was lost in thought, "Alas Parvati! You have gone too far. You have left me with no alternative. If I tell my ganas to withdraw, it will be said that I was sub-servant to my wife. My ganas will have to fight him." He turned to his ganas; "All of you are my own, including Parvati's son, so a battle may not seem proper to you. But if we don't accept the challenge, we may be misunderstood. Go! Fight and defeat him. It should be easy."

The ganas fully arrayed for war, went back to the boy. He was amused when he saw them and said, "I, a mere boy carrying out my mother's orders welcome you, the leaders of Shiva's hordes."

The ganas running for their life
Now Shiva's servants lost patience. The boy held his staff firmly and quickly got ready for the battle. The ganas rushed at him. Nandi grabbed his legs, but fell down with one blow from the boy.

Then the boy seized Parighayudha (a weapon like an iron club) and wheeled it about. In the long-drawn fight, many of the ganas fell, the rest fled as fast as they could. The boy once again took his post at the door.

Meanwhile, when Brahma, Vishnu and Indra heard the uproar, they talked the matter over with sage Narada. Narada said, "Go to Lord Shiva he may need you." They went accordingly and said, "We are here to do your bidding." Shiva told them all about the boy and said, "He dares to prevent me from entering my own house. O, Brahma, go there and try to bring him under control." Brahma said, "I shall go disguised as a Brahman."

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