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[kartikeya and indra with their army]
Accompanied by many sages Brahma left on his mission. As they neared the boy suddenly jumped forward and pulled Brahma's long beard and said laughingly, "that should teach you a lesson." Brahma was caught unawares. He told the boy, "I have not come to fight. I have come to make peace. Listen to me." In answer the boy lifted his club menacingly and said, "Run. I shall never fail my mother."

Meanwhile, the sages ran to Shiva and narrated the whole scene. Shiva pondered, "This matter has gone too far. The boy must be destroyed." So thinking Shiva sent for his son Kartikeya and Indra the king of the Devas and ordered, "Lead your ganas and Devas to the war. Vanquish the impudent upstart." The Devas led by Indra and the ganas by Kartikeya fell upon the boy from all directions. The boy faced them valiantly and attacked them with his club.

[parvati with her shaktis - durga and kali]
Parvati learned of all that had happened and was furious, "how dare they harass my son…" Then and there she created the two Shakti's, Kali and Durga and ordered, "Go and assist my son." Kali stood between the boy and the enemy, opening her mouth wide; she swallowed their weapons and hurled them back. Durga took the form of lightening and destroyed the enemy's weapons before they could reach the boy. Between the two of them they did not let a single weapon come anywhere near the boy's swinging club.

Indra and his Devas were completely routed. Even Kartikeya, who killed the invincible Tarakasura was helpless. They held council and decided to go back to Shiva. They said, "O Lord we have heard of many battles but, never have we seen or heard of such a warrior." Their praise only infuriated Shiva, "I will have to kill him with my own arms", and so saying Shiva thundered out followed by all of them.

Unperturbed by the sight of Shiva, the boy attacked all the chief gods. One by one they fell. Shiva was amazed at the sight. He thought, "The boy is invincible. He can only be killed by cunning. I must watch for an opportunity." The same thought had struck Vishnu too. He spoke to Shiva, "I shall use my powers of delusion to fight him, if you permit me." Shiva replied, "You may. That is the only way." But Kali and Durga divined their intentions and decided to confer all their strength on the boy so that Vishnu's maya will prove ineffectual.

Shiva killing the boy
With the added strength of the two Shakti's the boy swung his club at Vishnu. Vishnu had to use all his energy to dodge it. Shiva saw his plight and charged with the trident. But, with a single blow the boy dashed it to the ground. Shiva then took up his bow the boy broke it with his club. Shiva was struck with wonder and thought, "no wonder my ganas were helpless against this boy."

The next moment Vishnu stealthily crept up on the boy on his perch the Garuda. The boy saw him and lifted his club to attack, but it was cut in two by Vishnu's discus. The boy hurled the piece that was left in his hand, but Vishnu's mount Garuda caught it and protected his master. Then as the boy picked up his staff to hit Vishnu, Shiva came up from behind and cut off his head with his trident.For a moment all on the scene stood still, their gazes on the valiant hero. Then the Devas and the ganas became jubilant. But Shiva was troubled, "alas what have I done? How shall I face Parvati? He was created by her and that made him my son too."

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