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Kumbh Mela Jagannatha Ratha Yatra Goa Carnival Gangaur Chhath Bihu


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gangaur In the month of March, in the second lunar fortnight, the chief festival of Jaipur "Gangaur" is celebrated as a prime attraction. It is an auspicious occasion for women where the married women wish welfare and long life for their husbands and seek blessings of Gauri. The maidens on this occasion invoke goddess Gauri for a good and capable husband. This 18-day festival is dedicated to Parvati (Gauri), the consort of Siva. The songs and the twinkling of dancing bells indicate the Gangaur festival just after the colorful Holi. Wooden images, dressed in colorful brides garments are made, who are worshipped day after day and then they are submerged in water in a nearby tank.

As per the legend once Siva and Parvati accompanied by Narada came down to a village. The women of the village prepared sweets for them, but they took a longer time. The women of lower castes with their worship articles reached the divine couple before the women of higher castes could. Parvati pleased with their worship blessed all of them and distributed whole of the offering. Later higher caste ladies, fully adorned, reached the divinities/ with their golden and silver discs. Seeing these women, Siva asked, "What will you give to these women"? Parvati said, "I will give something". Then, when the high caste ladies paid their homage, Parvati made a cut in her finger and sprinkled blood on those women. They were all blessed.

gangaur On the Chetr (March) 3rd, God Siva gave a boon to Parvati and who in turn to all married women, that their husbands should have long life, more than the wife. On this day married women undertake a fast till midday. Before the fast, they install an image of Renuka and Gauri. All adoration articles viz. glass bangles, vermilion, alta (the red lac solution to adore feet), turmeric, bindi (speck), comb, mirror, kajal (collyrium) are offered, after ritual worship with incense and sandalwood. Bhog (a part of food offered to the image) is distributed. Then the story related to Gauri is narrated. Then from the vermilion, offered to Gauri, women fill it in their parted hair. Then after taking one meal in the day, the fast is completed. Gangaur offering is prohibited for men. gangaur