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Taraka attacking kartikeya with shakti weapon
Kartikeya killing taraka
Kartikeya replied, "Listen, Taraka. True, am young. But my valor is not young. Can darkness persist before even the morning sun? A small spark can destroy the vast forest. The mysterious and spiritual sound 'OM' is just one letter, but its significance is immense. The quality of heroes is to fight on the battlefield with weapons. But you are talking like a mad man. Stop your prattle."

The two then engaged in a terrible fight. Both now took up the 'Shakti' weapon.The boy divine, fell down once with Taraka's ferocious blow. But he rose at once and like an angry lion attacked Taraka, bringing him flat on the ground. When Taraka got up again, all the gods trembled in fear.

When again they began the fight, the very air was stilled. The sun became dull and the earth had tremors. Even the mountain gods like Himavanta, who had come to see Kartikeya in action, were afraid. But Kumara gave them courage. He offered his obeisance to his parents, Shiva and Parvati, in his mind and as everyone was gazing, he lifted the trident transferring all strength and power to his little hands and hit Taraka on the chest with it. Blood spread out like a stream, the demon's chest getting split. Taraka, the powerful Rakshasa, of whom all were in fear, fell down dead. Now the gods were in high spirits. With renewed courage they killed many of the Rakshasas. Some Rakshasas fled, and some others begged to be spared.

The gods in joy brought down a rain of flowers. Learning that Kumara had killed Taraka, Shiva went there with Parvati, and both blessed and caressed the son. There was divine music and the sages chanted Vedic hymns in blessing.

[kartikeya hurling the shakti]
Kartikeya later came to know that KRAUNCHA and BANASURA, two Rakshasa followers of Taraka, who had both, run away after the war, were troubling people near the mountains. From where he was, Kartikeya shot arrows and killed them. Another demon PRALAMBA was teasing Adishesha's son Kumuda, who prayed to Kartikeya in his pain. Kartikeya meditated on Shiva and sent his 'Shakti' weapon. The invincible weapon killed PRALAMBA, destroyed his army also and returned to Kartikeya.

Thus Kartikeya destroyed the wicked Rakshasas who troubled the world. All good people admired and worshipped him. He helped the gods to remain in their place happily. Then he returned to his city near Kailasa.

Though the gods were freed from a lot of harassment with the death of Taraka, their happiness and peace were short lived. There was another Rakshasa, SHURAPADMA, as strong as Taraka. He lived in the city called VEERAMAHENDRA. He had married PADMAKOMALA, the daughter of Vishwakarma, the architect of the gods. He had sons by name BHANUKOPA, AGNIMUKHA, HIRANYAKA, VAJRABAHU and others who were all valiant and wicked. He had brought for them brides from among the Devas, Rakshasas, Gandharvas, Siddhas, Vidyadharas, humans and Nagas. Now torture by Shurapadma and his clan began. The sage Narada thought that Kartikeya, who had killed the wicked Taraka, should destroy Shurapadma too.

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