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Narada, singing the praise of the Lord as usual, went to the city of Veeramahendra. He told Shurapadma, "Indra's wife Shachidevi is a gem among women. If you are able to bring her and keep her with you for yourself, then you would also have avenged the death of your brother Taraka at the hands of Kartikeya, as planned by Indra."

Narada knew that tendering good advice to the wicked Asuras was useless. Such Rakshasas had to be provoked into further evil deeds so that they would be destroyed by their own sins. This was the method followed by Narada.

Shurapadma with his Rakshasa qualities felt that the advice of the sage was a favor to him. He began efforts to capture Shachidevi. Shurapadma resolved to march on Indra's Heaven with his Rakshasa army. His son Bhanukopa came and said, "Father, please permit me to go to Heaven with the army. I will crush the opposing gods and fetch Shachi."

Shurapadma agreed and the Rakshasa hordes marched on Devaloka, the Heaven of the gods under Indra. Indra was really afraid because he already had a taste of the prowess of Tarakasura. He had heard that Shurapadma was mightier than Tarakasura. He consulted his minister and priest, Brihaspathi, as to what he should do. Unknown to any, Indra, with his consort Shachi, came to a forest called Shrikashi near Chidambaram.

Asuras attacking the devas
The gods were distraught because they could not see their king Indra and did not know where he had gone. Brihaspati consoled them and made Jayanta, the son of Indra, the leader of the gods. He also ordered that preparations be started, for the gods to confront Shurapadma and fight.

The Rakshasa army attacked the kingdom of the gods. The wicked Rakshasas forcibly entered every home, dragged and molested the women and snatched their jewels. They mercilessly killed the children. They beat everyone they saw, shouting, "Show us your Indra." "Where is Shachi?" they shouted, and beat up the gods further. They rampaged and spoiled the beautiful gardens of Heaven and set fire to houses.

The army of the gods opposed the Rakshasa hordes. Commanders like Bhanuka and Renuka fought and were defeated. Jayanta came to the battlefield and fought bravely.
Devas seeking help from shiva
But Bhanukopa vanquished him and took him captive. Though the gods kingdom of Heaven was searched thoroughly, Indra and Shachi could nowhere be found. Bhanukopa looted great wealth from Heaven and having it carried by the captive gods, returned to the capital city of Veeramahendra.

Brihaspati and the other gods went Shrikashi and told Indra of the plundering of Heaven by the Asuras. Indra and Shachi were greatly pained. Indra left Shachi in the protection of Shastara, the presiding deity of that forest, and went with Brihaspati and the other gods to Bramha. All of them then went to Shiva.

Shiva gave them his assurance - "All of you may for the time being be in the safety of the Kakachala Mountain near the Rajatadri Peak. I will see that Shurapadma is killed by Kartikeya, and remove your troubles." Accordingly all the gods went there.

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