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Vishnu appearing before devaki and vasudeva
As it happened, on the day of Krishna's birth rains poured heavily, storms lashed the streets and there was constant thunder and lightning. At this time Vishnu appeared in a vision to Vasudeva and said he was coming and should be taken far away to escape the killers hired by Kansa. Miraculously the prison doors opened and the guards at the gate fell asleep. Vasudeva carried the newly born Krishna across the river Yamuna to the other bank.

In the other town this child too was also brought to the house of Vasudeva's friend Nanda. He and together with his wife Yashoda welcomed the child in their own household. At the same time to hoodwink Kansa another child was brought back by Vasudeva to the prison. Kansa did not spare the substitute child, though it was a girl and not a boy. But to his amazement when he was going to dash the child to its death, it took the form of a divine god and said to Kansa, "O wicked king, the divine child who is your death has already descended to this earth and is safe and sound". So saying the divine goddess vanished.

the divine child
the divine child
The legend says that when the news of the birth of a son to Nanda and Yashoda spread in the town of Gokula a stream of people reached their house. Singing and dancing welcomed the arrival of the new child. Mother Yashoda crooned over her son. When Nanda got the child's horoscope cast, the learned Brahmins declared that the child was destined to do great deeds and he would destroy so many demons. Thus starts the fascinating tale of the infancy days of Lord Krishna - the stories that describe his baby pranks, his capacity for mischief, the immense affection of his foster-mother, Yashoda, the endless love of the cowgirls for this child and also of his supernatural powers at this age.

Time after time Krishna protects the cowherds from harm and defeats the forces of evil. In this way Krishna continues his early life, the life of a god born amidst the simple village folk.

Balarama and krishna
A sage was called to give names to the two children of Vasudeva, brought from Mathura to Gokul one nurtured by Rohini, the first wife of Vasudeva and the other fostered by Yashoda, the wife of Nanda. This sage gave two children the names of Balarama and Krishna. Balarama was also given six other names but the sage declared that Krishna, being born in Vasudeva's house, was to be called Vasudeva though his names were numberless as he was the incarnation of God and had been born to remove the ills of the world. The other child too was a part of Vishnu and was the incarnation of Shesh Nag. Thus they learnt about the true character of both the children but preferred to remain silent and continued treating Krishna as their son.

The first demon challenging the life of Krishna is named Putna. She was a demon who killed small children by feeding them her breast's milk. This demon assumed the form of a beautiful girl and came to Yashoda's house. Enchanted by her fake beauty Yashoda allowed Putna to hold the baby and then to suckle him. Krishna fastened his tiny mouth to her breast and started sucking her very life out with the milk. Putna tried to push the child away but to no avail. This way the demon met her end and Yashoda found the child safe and sound sucking her breast. At the time of her death Putna regained her ugly shape of demon. The second attack on Krishna came from another demon, Saktasur (a demon in the form of a wooden cart). Child Krishna kicked this demon also and killed him.
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