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Krishna carrying the govardhan
Amongst the other exploits of Krishna during those days is one concerning Indra, a very powerful god during early Vedic period but later reduced only as a chief of smaller gods. Jealous of Krishna's fame, Indra being the king of skies, called upon clouds to rain down in torrents at Brindavana. Facing the unbearable downpour from above the cowherds and other people of the region appealed to Krishna for relief. Fully alive to the situation, Krishna calmed their fears and raised the Govardhan hill overhead with support of his little finger. Indra himself poured torrential rains for seven days but Brajbhumi's people remained dry under the shelter of the Govardhan hill. Indra was compelled to relent and admitted that in the shape of Krishna Lord Vishnu had himself appeared on the earth. He was pardoned and returned to his kingdom of heavens.

Notwithstanding all these pranks, feats and frivolous deeds of Krishna, the real reason for his birth was that of ridding this earth of the vicious tyrant Kansa. King Kansa in his search for the child who was destined to kill him slaughtered many children. Krishna too had been subject to so many attacks but he survived each one by his miraculous powers. One day, however, a sage confided to Kansa that his true enemy was alive. Kansa in consultation with his councilor hatched a plot to decoy both the brothers, Balarama and Krishna, to Mathura. A special festival of armed combat was proclaimed. It was rightly anticipated that the two brothers would be coming with other cowherds. When they came the wrestlers of the king would throw them down and kill them.

Akrur meeting with nanda
Kansa sent for Akrur, the chief of Yadavas and leading member of his court. He briefed Akrur about his intentions and asked him to bring Krishna and Balarama with Nanda's permission without mentioning the plot to kill Balarama and Krishna. Akrur was a good man and he agreed to go, overjoyed at the thought of meeting the Lord. He reached Vrindavana and revealed to Nanda the intentions of Kansa and asked his permission to take Krishna and Balrama with him to Mathura. Nanda refused but on the insistance of Krishna agreed to send him to Mathura together with his brother Balarama.

King Kansa had arranged for a wrestling match and of other feats of strength. Arena for the competition was richly decorated and citizens from Mathura and nearby villages had thronged to witness the events. When Krishna and Balarama reached Mathura with Akrur, the whole city thronged to have a look at the two brothers, whose reputation had run much in advance to the city of Mathura. Krishna was denied access by stationing a ferocious elephant at the gate. Krishna killed the beast and entered the area carrying the tusks in his hands. King Kansa conveyed to them that hearing the tales of their valor he wanted to witness their feats of strength.

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