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The wrestling match
krishna dragging kansa]
The two mighty wrestlers of the court, named Chanura and Mushtika were let loose against the two brothers. In the match the two giants were badly defeated and likewise the brothers mauled a few other fighters of king Kansa. At this grand show all danced in joy while Kansa felt very much afraid in his heart. In rage Kansa shouted, "'Kill these two sons of Vasudeva and their father. Also put to death all who have side with my enemies." Lord Krishna jumped on the dais where Kansa was sitting and catching him by the legs, dragged him down.
Krishna in kurukshetra
in the balltlefield of kurukshetra

In the battle between the two Kansa was killed by KrishnA. Then eight younger brothers of Kansa attacked Krishna but they were slain by Balarama. After this Vasudeva and Devaki were released from the prison and they were filled with joy to meet their victorious sons. Lord Krishna then touched the feet of their foster father and mother, Nanda and Yashoda. He said, "You two have done more than real parents could do." He gave them the best of presents and bade farewell. This way ended the first part of Lord Krishna's life.

The second part of life of Krishna appears in the context of Great War between Kauravas and Pandavas, the princes of Hastinapur.

Pandavas were the first cousin of Krishna. On hearing the news of death of Pandu, the husband of his father's sister Krishna approached Akrur and said to him, "It is learnt that after the death of their father, King Pandu, the five brothers, Yuddhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul and Sahadev are living together with their mother, my aunt Kunti, in the palace of king Dhritrashtra of Hastinapur. Please go there and find out about their welfare. I have heard that the blind king Dhritrashtra is under he influence of his sons and is not treating the sons of his brother in a fair manner."

From here onwards the life of Lord Krishna is interwoven with that of the history of Pandavas. Coming to the Mahabharata we find Krishna's life and doings in a different light.

The slain king of Mathura, Kansa, had married two daughters of Jarasandha, the mighty ruler of Magadha. After the death of Kansa, the widowed queens went to Jarasandha and informed him of the tragedy. He took a big army and invaded Mathura. Krishna and Balarama with their soldiers' came and met their foe. The army of Jarasandha was defeated though his life was spared by Krishna. The whole city welcomed the two brothers with great joy. For the protection of Mathura Krishna thereafter built a strong fortress and walls were erected around the city.

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