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Rukmini - the princess of vidarbha
The emissary informing rukmini
Krishna and rukmini
At that time the ruler of Vidarbha was Bhishmak, who had a daughter named Rukmini.This beautiful princess hearing the adventurous stories of Krishna had fallen in love with him. The elder brother of Rukmini wanted to marry, his sister to Sishupal, the king of Chedi. The princess secretly sent a letter to Krishna through an emissary. In this letter she requested him to come and save her. Krishna also learnt from this emissary the day when the princess was to be married to Shishupal.

On the appointed day the intended bridegroom entered the city with great pomp and show. The poor princess Rukmini was disappointed not to see her rescuer approach there. When she had lost all hopes the emissary stealthily entered Rukmini's apartments and informed her of Krishna' s arrival together with his brother, Balarama.

In the morning Rukmini, with her escorts, proceeded towards the temple of Ambika for prayers. Krishna on his chariot was waiting on one side. He with a sudden and swift move took her on the chariot by his side and rushed towards Dwarka.The chiefs who had assembled for the wedding gave a hot pursuit but Krishna and Balarama together with other Yadava tribe chiefs conferred on them a crushing defeat and they had to retreat.

Lord Krishna entered Dwarka with Rukmini, who was married with him formally there.Though there are legends about sixteen thousand wives of Krishna, Mahabharata speaks of only one other wife, named Satyabhama.

In the epic of Mahabharata Krishna appears' first in the Swayamvara (marriage ceremony) of Draupadi, the daughter of king Drupad of the State of Panchal. The stage was set at Panchal for the marriage of princess Draupadi. Royal princes had come from far and near to win the hand of this beautiful girl. King Drupad had declared that he would give his daughter in marriage only to that prince who would hit the set target with his arrow.

Five Pandava brothers also entered the arena, but at the time where in the disguise of Brahmans. None could hit the mark while Arjuna succeeded in hitting the mark. At this victory feat of Arjuna, the princes who had assembled their felt humiliated and became ready to give a fight to Arjuna and his brothers. Here Krishna intervened and persuaded the assembly not to indulge in any unjust action. He succeeded pacifying the angry contenders. Draupadi was eventually married to all the five brothers.

After Draupadi' s marriage, Krishna is seen as taking active part in the marriage of Subhadra, his sister, Arjuna loved her and wanted to take her as his wife. Arjuna, after consultation with Krishna, carried away Subhadra in his chariot, as other family members were opposed to this alliance.

After sometime Yuddhistira with his four Pandava brothers came out of their disguise and started ruling over their kingdom. But until Jarasandha, the mighty and cruel King of Magadha, was not subdued, the sovereignty of Pandava brothers could not remain unchallenged. Jarasandha had got numerous princes as his captive. Krishna challenged Jarasandha and killed him in the fight. He thus fortified the supremacy of the Pandavas and also relieved people of an oppressive ruler.
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